About Us

Abdulla Nasser and Associates (ANA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of “Al Nasser Holdings” and was formed in 1977 as an LLC company that would act as a representative for international companies who wished to conduct business within Abu Dhabi Emirate and throughout the United Arab Emirates where registration was required.

Initially ANA’s main areas of focus were the Oil and Gas, Power and Water Generation, and Water Treatment sectors. Over the years ANA has broadened its scope to also include Telecommunications industry and Engineering Consultancy Services with specific regards towards technical processes and niche Engineering areas.

ANA has been providing professional assistance and marketing support to major international companies, in its capacity as agent of the said companies, in all aspects of their business, whether in the provision of service or in the supply of equipment and materials to clients within UAE and Middle East.

Our Services

  • On-Shore & Off-Shore Oil and Gas Fields Services.
  • Commercial Agencies.
  • Local Sponsorship
  • Companies Representation
  • Power & Infrastructure