Commercial Agencies/Companies Representation

Since Oil & Gas and Power sectors are undergoing an unprecedented development, it is expected that this development phase will continue with full thrust for the next 10 years ahead. This situation has compelled many international companies to seek business opportunities in UAE.

Being a major local trading company, ANA keeps track of the new technologies required by the local market.

Henceforth ANA endeavors to source out the relevant international companies/expertise and introduce their products to the local market.

Currently ANA acts as a Local Agent for around 29 major international companies.

We can summarize some of the services ANA offers to its principals as a representative of an International Company:

1 .   Produce Ministry of Economy certificate for the Company so that the Company will be officially recognized in the country.

2.   Approach all potential local clients/end-users for marketing and promotion of the new products. These clients will be either end users (Oil & Gas Operating Companies such as: ADNOC, ADMA-OPCO, TAKREER, ZADCO, GASCO, ADCO, etc.) or EPC contractors and in some cases Consultants. The Local Agent will register and prequalify the new products with all end users/EPC contractors in order that represented company’s products are listed in the approved vendor list and subsequently be eligible to be invited to bid for upcoming enquiries through the Agent.

3.   Keep track down of all relevant projects and enquiries relevant to the new product in order to ensure participation in bidding that will include keeping close and good contacts with all local clients and end users.

4.   Coordinate with the international Company to develop/upgrade new products to meet the local market requirements and demands .

5.   Assist the international company with administrative works, such as producing visas, helping in hotel reservations, participating of Company's personnel in local exhibitions, conferences...etc.

Business Development & Marketing

ANA retains a carefully selected group of sponsored companies, on an exclusive basis, and ensures that each company receives the same detailed attention in the promotion of its activities through:

1 .   Providing Information on opportunities in projects undertaken in Abu Dhabi and/ or other Emirates of the U.A.E.

2.   Conducting market survey and intelligence, analyzing trends in order to identify new opportunities that lead to achieving the market share and profitability target.

3.   Arranging and attending technical presentations/meetings between the principal and the end-user to offer a better understanding of our principal’s product/service and hence speed-up the prequalification process.

4.   Collating information from clients and Business Information Providers for acquiring sufficient information regarding the upcoming projects and participate in the tenders whenever it is in line with the principal’s range of products.

5.   Tracking all projects relevant to ANA principals’ products and services so as to receive Invitations to Bid (ITB) and participate in the bidding process.

6 .   Building and maintaining good relationship with National Oil Companies, EPC Contractors and other customers through effective communication and interaction to facilitate business solutions & marketing intelligence.

7.   Preparing Oil & Gas market study to find out the Market’s Shortages & needs and creating Strategic Market Business Plan.

8.   Utilizing our long experience with all ADNOC’s/Government’s different types of Prequalification Procedures.